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"Cell Phone Knowledge Base - CPKB" was started on 10 February 2010 as a collaborative project that is edited and developed by community of interested users themselves.

The primary goal of "Cell Phone Database - CPKB" is to provide a central place to share Your knowledge and find the needed information about Cell Phone / Mobile Phone fast. How can we trust the information found in a Wiki (like the "Cell Phone Knowledge Base - CPKB"), where all the articles are editable by everybody, sometimes anonimously. But then how can You trust the information which are posted in open web forum? Both types of internet discussion are written by people You don't know. At "Cell Phone Knowledge Base - CPKB" wiki We hope that there is an army of users who are working with cell phones / mobile phones who moderate the content and keep it current. The covered topics are:

Use of "Cell Phone Knowledge Base - CPKB" is provided at no charge.

"Cell Phone Knowledge Base - CPKB" is runs on open-source software MediaWiki, the same that is used by Wikipedia. Therefore You don't have to learn new article editing syntax or techniques.