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24 April 2014

Account creation on the website has been temporary changed: from now users don't have to request and fill a form to create an account, they can do it directly, and the account will be active immediately. This type of account creation will be used in the future.

March 2014

CPKB website has been moved to an another webserver. From now it will be faster and more stable.

22 June 2012

Upgrading of the site has been finished.

The MediaWiki engine was updated to the newest version: 1.19.0.

We changed the process of registering on the site. From now You can request an account on the top right corner: Click on "Log in / create account" then click on "Request account". On the next page a form should be filled, then an Admin will approve or deny the account request.

The sitenotice is now linking to How can i help wiki page.

Also, the left sidebar's CPKB.ORG section has been changed. The menus were reduced:

  • Wanted contents was migrated to How can i help page.
  • Popular pages and New pages"" were migrated to Contents page.
  • Website policy, Facebook and DMCA pages were migrated to About & Contact

10 February 2012

Two year passed...

  • 3182 articles were made,
  • 934 registered users,
  • 7.5 million total article-views.

Thank You for all your efforts and contribution!

10 February 2011

One year passed... We could say that it was a very successful 12 months:

  • 1486 articles were made,
  • 333 registered users,
  • more than 562000 total article-views.

We would like to Thank You for Your contribution in that past one year. We hope that CPKB's next one Year will be as successful as the last one was. BUT it is up to You. The community of CPKB needs Your contribution! Check How can i help wiki page!

I hope We will read Your articles in the near future!

27 December 2010

Facebook page was created for CPKB! Visit Facebook wiki page for the Facebook profile link!

24 November 2010

Good news!: Because of we deployed captcha protection system, now everybody can edit or add articles without registration! Unregistered users must use captcha for creating and editing articles and creating user account. Registered users must use captcha for their first 3 article edits.

04 September 2010

Site was down due MediaWiki update. Now version 1.6.0 is running, and skin was changed to "Vector" (which is used by MediaWiki and Wikipedia also).