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CPKB (Cell Phone Knowledge Base) website contains lots of kinds of articles. Here is an overview what kind of articles could be found here.

You may start exploring CPKB by serching for contents using Google Custom Search on the left sidebar, or MediaWiki Search Engine on the top-right part of the page.

Every article on CPKB is categorized. On the bottom of the article you can see that the page is in which category. Click on the name of the category to view which other pages are in that category. Or you can go to Category root to explore the categories of CPKB.

Contents on CPKB

  • Mobile phone datasheets: specifications, features, compatible accessories and firmwares, links to related contents, photos, differences between similar mobile phones, how to upgrade mobile, solve software- and hardware-related problems, reviews and links. Example page: Sonyericsson V630i
  • Mobile phone pinout: battery connector pinouts, FBus / data cable pinouts, resistor value, UFC cable number, used abbreviations, pinouts of compatible mobile phones, links to compatible battery pinouts and mobile phone specification. Example page: Nokia 5070 pinout
  • Software product overview: which hardware devices / keys / dongles needed, supported mobile phones, features, error messages and solutions, version releases, links. Example page: JAF Nokia BB5 No TP Unlocker or Navifirm
  • Hardware product overview: Technical informations, images, driver download links, troubleshooting informations for hardware products. Example page: JAF Pkey dongle
  • Hardware-related error repair howto: Repair solutions to mobile phone's hardware-related errors, faults. Example page: Nokia 2700 charging not supported
  • Language package descriptions: Shows that which kind of languages does a specific language pack contains. Example page: Nokia EURO firmware data package language description
  • Restart mobile phones: How to restart mobile phone when the software is crashed. Example page: Nokia Lumia 710 Sabre restart
  • Battery specification: high resolution photos of the battery, type, capacity, voltage, resistance between GND and BSI, dimensions, weight, compatible batteries, compatible mobile phones, link to battery pinouts. Example page: Samsung AB463446BU battery
  • Battery pinout: high resolution photo of the battery pinout, abbreviations which are used in the article, compatible battery pinouts, link to the battery specification. Example page: Samsung AB463446BU battery pinout
  • Product manual and how-to: manuals, upgrading howtos of hardware- and software products. Example page: Setool2 upgrade to standalone version
  • Firmware download: wiki pages where you can find lots of links to downloadable firmware files. (And You can add too.) Example page: Nokia 5230 firmware data package download
  • Service manual and schematic download: in those pages you will find information and free download links to service manuals and schematics of mobile phone PCBs. Example page: Nokia N8-00 service manual and schematic download
  • Enter NCK code: codes and information to enter NCK code on Your mobile phone. Example page: LG enter NCK code
  • Factory reset mobile phones: The procedure of reseting mobile phones. (Erasing its contents.) Example page: Nokia factory reset
  • Diagnostic menu: Shows how to activate / enter mobile phone's diagnostic menu. Example page: Nokia Lumia 710 Sabre diagnostic menu

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