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Here is a brief overview what contents could be found in Cell Phone Knowledge Base:

  • Mobile phone datasheets: specifications, features, compatible accessories and firmwares, links to related contents, photos, differences between similar mobile phones, how to upgrade mobile, solve software- and hardware-related problems, reviews and links. Example page: Sonyericsson V630i
  • Mobile phone pinout: battery connector pinouts, FBus / data cable pinouts, resistor value, UFC cable number, used abbreviations, pinouts of compatible mobile phones, links to compatible battery pinouts and mobile phone specification. Example page: Nokia 5070 pinout
  • Software- and hardware product overview: which hardware devices / keys / dongles needed, supported mobile phones, features, error messages and solutions, version releases, links. Example page: JAF Nokia BB5 No TP Unlocker
  • Battery specification: high resolution photos of the battery, type, capacity, voltage, resistance between GND and BSI, dimensions, weight, compatible batteries, compatible mobile phones, link to battery pinouts. Example page: Samsung AB463446BU battery
  • Battery pinout: high resolution photo of the battery pinout, abbreviations which are used in the article, compatible battery pinouts, link to the battery specification. Example page: Samsung AB463446BU battery pinout