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This is a quick help for MediaWiki's common features used in CPKB articles


How to ...

Create new article

The easiest way to create articles in MediaWiki is to type the desired name of the article you want to create in the top right search box, then press "Go". On the next page click on "Create the page "xyz" on this wiki!".

Or You can create an interwiki link to the article You want to create, and following that link You will be redirected to the edit page of the new article.

Link to wiki-pages

Put [[ before and ]] after the name of the article like this: [[article name]]. This will make an inner wiki link of the words between the brackets. If You would like to change the name of the wiki link use this: [[Dog|Canine]]. The name of the link will be "Canine" which will be a wiki-link to the "Dog" article.

Link to external web pages

Just type the whole webaddress and the MediaWiki engine will convert it to external link.

If You would like to rename the external link, use single brackets before and after the link and write the chosen link name after the weblink like this:

[ Cell Phone Knowledge Base]

which will look like this: Cell Phone Knowledge Base.

Categorize articles

Just add [[Category:Nameofthecategory]] to the article, and the page will added to that category. This could be added anywhere in the article, but usually is added to the very bottom of the page.

Create sections in articles

Type == or === or ==== before and after the name of the section. Like this:

== Higher level section name ==
=== Lower level section name ===
==== Lower level section name ====

The sections and the table of contents will be automatically created.

Create bulleted or numbered list

Start the line with * for creating bullet-list and start the line with # for creating ordered list like:

* First list item
* Second list item

Make the text bold

Insert ''' before and after the text You want to make bold.

Make the text italic

Insert '' before and after the text You want to make italic.

Make the text bold and italic

Insert ''''' before and after the text You want to make bold and italic.

Create multi column list

Use CSS3's column features:

Before the bulleted list insert this:

<div style="column-count:3;-moz-column-count:3;-webkit-column-count:3">

After the list insert this:


That will make a 3 column list.

Or use wiki-tables to create columns.

Upload and link pictures

1. Log in with your account.

2. Go to Upload file page where You can upload pictures (and other files)

3. Create a link to the picture from an article by including:


Create image thumbnails

Upload the image, then use this to put thumbnail on articles:

[[Image:Image_name.jpg|thumb|Comment of the image]]

Create image gallery

Use this:

<gallery caption="Name of the gallery" perrow=7>

Insert a line break

Use the standard HTML line break:

<br />


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