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There are many ways You can help CPKB website. Bring Your ideas visions and energy to CPKB wiki. This page tries to inform users what needs to be done and how They can improve CPKB wiki.
Before You start creating or editing articles, consider creating an account.

"Cell Phone Knowledge Base" is a collaborative project and Your help is needed. Before getting started, please read our "Website policy". If You need help about using the MediaWiki software and editing pages, please visit Quick help wiki page for the most used editing techniques, or Help for the complete help. For more information about Cell Phone Knowledge Base project visit About, Website policy and Contents wiki pages!

You can help us in the following ways:

  • Do You have knowledge about repairing and solving mobile phone's errors and issues? Don't hesitate to share it by composing new articles or completing others. But first, check if the content is exists before You post. Wanted contents is a good start to see which articles is needed. You may check the list of Short pages. These articles need lot more information. Or You may start with Random page.
  • Can You make pictures of the pinouts of the newest Nokia phones? Your pictures could help the growing database of Nokia mobile phones pinouts. Please send or upload the pictures even if You don't identify the pinout on the photos.
  • Do You have informations and pictures of mobile phones? Create mobile phone datasheets, for example: Sonyericsson V630i.
  • Can You make pictures of the newest phones? Upload and link them to the appropriate article, or send them to cpkb at cpkb dot org email address.
  • Are You an active member of mobile phone-related forums or bulletin boards? Promote Cell Phone Knowledge Base by adding links or mentions on those sites. By helping other users on forums by posting related CPKB-links could gain Your reputation and increase Your "Thanks-points"!
  • Are You a native english speaker? Because of CPKB is written by lots of people around the world, articles could have spelling mistakes. Help Cell Phone Knowledge Base by reviewing and correcting contents.
  • Create links to some Orphaned pages or from some Dead-end pages
  • Provide bug reports, suggestions and comments about CPKB wiki site.