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Welcome to CPKB wiki (Cell Phone Knowledge Base) website!

"Cell Phone Knowledge Base" is a free collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to mobile phones and its accessories. The wiki format allows everybody to create, edit and correct articles instantly without registration so we can all work together to create the ultimate database. Go to About wiki page for further information of the project.

We are currently maintaining 3,726 articles, and there are many ways we could use Your help

Something important is missing from the CPKB wiki? Create a new article about it! Even a couple of lines of notes is better than nothing at all! Others will see and further improve the article!

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  • You may check Wanted pages for the articles that does not exists, but they have more than two links to them from other articles.
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Good luck to You, We hope this site will save You lots of time and energy, and we wish you the best in finding the answers you’re looking for!


This website's goal is to create a community space where users can:

  • share Their knowledge about mobile phones, accessories, softwares and phone servicing boxes.
  • access user-created information fast and easy,
  • find the needed information much faster than in forums
  • edit or read articles without registration,

In order to reach our goal, We need Your support! Register, edit and create articles! Go to How can I help wiki page for further details!

Looking for something?

Are You looking for something specific content? Or just want an overview of what could be found there?

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It's free!

  • Free to register, free to create articles and free to read CPKB wiki. (Ohh, and that will remain free in the future.)