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"Cell Phone Knowledge Base" is a collaborative project and Your help is needed.

There are many ways You can help CPKB website. Bring Your ideas, visions, and energy to CPKB wiki. Read this page know what needs to be done and how you can improve CPKB wiki. Create a new content! Even a couple of lines of notes is better than nothing at all! Others will see and further improve the article!

Consider requesting an account before creating or editing articles. You must be logged in to create new articles. For editing existing articles, account is not needed, but if you're not logged in your IP address will be shown as the name of the editor. Also if you have account, you can (and all the administrators and other users) see all your contributions you ever done on CPKB. Click here to request an account!

So, how can I help CPKB?

You can help us in the following ways:

  • Do You have knowledge about repairing and solving mobile phone's errors and issues?
    • Don't hesitate to share it by composing new articles.
    • Or You may improving other articles. Check Contents page or start with a Random page.
    • You may visit the list of Short pages. These articles need lot more information.
    • But first, check if the content is exists before You post.
  • Are you a guru of the souls of mobile phones? Consider creating articles about mobile phone how-to's like: how to reset-, how to restart-, how to erase user code-, how to enter NCK code, how to activate diagnostic menu. Or articles about mobile phone's language packages and which languages are in or posting codes for mobile phones.
  • Are You solving hardware-related errors? Create articles about repairing mobile phone's hardware errors: what causes those errors, hot to repair it, what tools needed, etc... Example page: Nokia 2700 charging not supported
  • Coould you make pictures of the pinouts of the newest Nokia phones? Your pictures could help the growing database of Nokia mobile phones pinouts. Please send or upload the pictures even if You don't identify the pinout on the photos.
  • Do You know useful mobile phone-related sites? Upload the links at Links wiki page!
  • Are you an expert of mobile phone features? Create mobile phone datasheets, for example: Sonyericsson V630i.
  • Do you have or can You make pictures of the newest phones? Upload and link them to the appropriate article, or send them to email address!
  • Do You have and use mobile phone toolboxes? You can help others by creating toolbox datasheets, uploading photos of those boxes for illustrating the toolbox-specification articles, creating pinout diagrams and creating how-tos and user manuals for those toolboxes!
  • Are You an active member of mobile phone-related forums or bulletin boards? Promote Cell Phone Knowledge Base by adding links or mentions on those sites. By helping other users on forums by posting related CPKB-links could gain Your reputation and increase Your "Thanks-points"!
  • Did You find spam or vandalism on CPKB? Correct or revert the vandalized article! Check Recent changes for the new or modified content.
  • Are You a native english speaker? Because of CPKB is written by lots of people around the world, articles could have spelling mistakes. Help Cell Phone Knowledge Base by reviewing and correcting contents.
  • Do You like helping people? Recommend CPKB to Your friends!
  • Are you an active member of an another wiki-community? Help us by your suggestions and comments to create a better wiki!
  • Do you have any other ideas? Didn't you find something that could be shared on CPKB? Do you have any recommendations about articles, CPKB or categorization? Send us by email!

It may happen that you would like to help us but don't want to create or edit articles on CPKB. In that case you can send the materials, articles, pictures or links to email address, and they will be processed!

Wanted Contents

We're looking for every kind of content which fit in the topic of mobile devices, it's accessories and servicing of those products.

For ideas on which kind of articles you could create, visit Contents wiki page for an overview of the kind of articles could be found on CPKB website. Some example pages are listed, so you could use that as a template for creating new page. Also, in this page in "So, how can I help CPKB?" section there are tons of ideas on contributing to CPKB.

We have a Featured collaboration wiki page where we post monthly assignments. Check that page and help the community by doing those tasks.

Update regulary

Those wiki pages should be updated regularly: new mobile phone models and contents should be added.

Categorization of mobile phones

Software info / download links

General information about mobile phones


  • Mobile phone battery compatibility list. (Which mobile phones and which other batteries compatible with an another battery.)
  • Mobile phone / mobile phone accessory pinout compatibility.
  • Links - links to other mobile phone related websites.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone to participating in improving CPKB!

We say thank You in the name of the whole community for having the ability, willingness and time to create those pages! Even a couple of lines of notes is better than nothing at all, as other authors will be more inclined to improve articles where they feel they can add something, than to try to write an entire article from scratch.

Thank you again,
-CPKB Admin-

See also

  • Before getting started, read our Website policy.
  • If You need help about using the MediaWiki software and editing pages, visit Help wiki page for the most used editing techniques!
  • For more information about Cell Phone Knowledge Base project visit About page!
  • For the list of contents available on CPKB visit Contents page!