JAF Pkey dongle

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JAF Pkey dongle
JAF Pkey 001.JPG
Hardware type Dongle
Interface USB
For J.A.F. by ODEON
Dimensions 65 x 22 x 10 mm
Weight  ? grams

J.A.F. by Odeon PKey dongle is a SIM card reader and a special SIM card for copy protecting and running J.A.F. by Odeon software.

Also known as[edit]

  • J.A.F. P-Key card reader
  • Just Another Flasher P Key dongle


Needed hardwares / softwares[edit]

For running J.A.F. by Odeon software:

  • J.A.F. by Odeon interface
  • Installed J.A.F. by Odeon software
  • Installed drivers for J.A.F. by Odeon interface and Pkey dongle



Possible error messages[edit]

Pkey not detected. Insert an activated dongle. 
You may have this message when You want to start J.A.F. by Odeon software after it crashed. Unplug all JAF usb devices, restart computer, then try starting the JAF software again. Or it may means that drivers not installed correctly. Remove all Pkey drivers in Device manager, then reboot the computer then install drivers again.


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