LG Infineon flashing using Vygis toolbox

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How to flash LG Infineon phones with Vygis toolbox.

Also known as[edit]

  • LG Infineon flashing using Vygis toolbox
  • Repairing dead LG infineon phones using Vygis toolbox


  • This procedure will erase all data on phone (security code too)
  • No battery needed for this operation

What is needed?[edit]

  • LG Vygis toolbox
  • Installed LG Vygis software
  • USB data cable
  • Flash file for LG phone


1. Connect Vygis toolbox and USB data cable on computer.

2. Start Vygis "LG Infineon Flasher - Unlocker". First, select Phone model (in this case it is KP500), then select COM port (You can check the number of the port in Device manager). Then press "Connect port" after that select "USB connection" then "Connect phone" at "Connection options". After that the software will ask for connect the phone: remove the battery then connect phone on USB cable.

Lg vygis infineon flash 1.jpg

3. After the phone is connected, go to "Flasher" tab.

Lg vygis infineon flash 2.jpg

4. On "Flasher" tab press "Add Files" then select the needed flash file. The flash file will appear in "Flasher" box. Then press "Write files & Do jobs". After that the software will start flashing the phone.

Lg vygis infineon flash 3.jpg

5. After Vygis software finished the flahing process, You may press "Direct unlock" button on "Unlocker" tab. After that press "Disconnect phone" and "Disconnect port".

Lg vygis infineon flash 4.jpg

6. You can disconnect phone now. Flashing and unlocking process finished.

Possible error messages[edit]

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