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Newest version: 0.1
OS: Microsoft Windows
Size: ~400 kB

Navifirm is a software for downloading Nokia mobile phone's firmware images. This software was developed by EPICBIZNUS, and then other developers improved this tool. Features: downloading Nokia firmware files and listing, checking and finding the product code for mobile device. Navifirm connects directly to Nokia firmware support servers, so it has the most recent firmware updates.

Also known as[edit]

  • Navifirm by Philippe
  • NaviFirmPlus by Marco Bellino (most recent)
  • Navifirm by Mohsen-Unique
  • Navifirm by Cepot

Download links[edit]

Modded by Marco Bellino (recommended)[edit]

Modded by Philippe[edit]

Original Version by EPICBIZNUS[edit]

Modded by Cepot[edit]

Modded by Mohsen-Unique[edit]



  • Navifirm downloads the firmwares from official Nokia server
  • It does not flash new firmware on phone, just download the firmware to computer
  • Original NaviFirm software was developed by EPICBIZNUS. Some developers made additional improvements.

What is needed?[edit]

  • Internet connection
  • PC with Microsoft Windows OS (tested on Win7 and XP)
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or newer


  • Download the latest Nokia firmwares
  • Check which is the latest firmware version
  • Check product codes
  • Find the right product code for phone
  • Export product code list

Supported phones[edit]

All BB5 Nokia mobile phones supported which could be upgraded using Nokia Software Updater.

Version history[edit]

Modded by Philippe[edit]

Modded by Marco Bellino[edit]

  • NaviFirm+ v2.5:
  • 2.5 Change-Log:
    • Improved: Welcome Message can now be scrolled
    • Improved: minor GUI changes
    • Fixed: crash when downloading a firmware which has been found through Nokia Care Suite and user is donor
    • Fixed: the item "Upload New Product Codes" is now disabled properly
    • Fixed: filters gets cleared when searching on Nokia Care Suite

Modded by Cepot[edit]

  • Navifirm v1.1
    • Added automatic caching system depends on cache time settings
    • Added manual cache files purge
    • New! Added automaticly download all checked files with IDM (work if you have IDM installed and IDM settings has been configured)
    • Added copy all download links to clipboard
  • Navifirm v1.0
    • Just transformed from navifirm 0.1 by EPICBIZNUS

Modded by Mohsen-Unique[edit]

  • Navifirm v0.8
    • change-log not available
  • Navifirm v0.4
    • Maximizing Issue Fixed , Now the seprate 4 windows in Program main window correctly maximize
    • new design in download with IDM window For easier and better downloading
    • About Menu has been added(CREDITS TO EPICBIZNUS and Mohsen-unique)
  • Navifirm v0.3
    • Added Maximizing Feature to the whole window
    • Added word Serach box under Products & Variants Windows
    • Added Capability To copu URL in Download With IDM window
    • Added Capability To download Firmware Files With Internet Download Manager IDM

Possible error messages[edit]

An error occured when attempting to connect to the update server 
The software can't connect to Nokia firmware server. Check Your internet connection and firewall!
The application failed to initialize properly. click on OK to terminate the application. 
Install .NET framework (newer than 2.0).

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