Nokia 2690 2692 RM-635 firmware data package download

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Nokia 2690 and Nokia 2692 RM-635 mobile phone firmware data package download links.

Also known as[edit]

  • Nokia 2690 RM-635 mobile phone / mobilephone firmware / ROM datapack / datapackage file share download links
  • Nokia 2690 RM635 cellular phone / cellphone software / flash data package pack files fileshare download link


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Language package descriptions[edit]

Download links[edit]


Mobile phone
firmware version
Mobile phone
firmware date (DD-MM-YY)
Data Package
Major / Minor Download link Size Comment
9.90 12.0 Major 32 MB
10.10 13.0 Major 82.7 MB
10.60 14.0 Major 18.62 MB
10.65 16.00; 16.10; 16.11 Major & Minor mirror:
101.93 MB Newest
10.65 Bi Only 1 Bahasa Indonesia

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