Nokia 5250 service manual and schematic download

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Nokia 5250 mobile phone level 1&2 and level 3&4 service manuals and schematics download links.

Also known as[edit]

  • Nokia 5250 RM-684 L1 L2 L3 L4 mobile phone / mobilephone service manual / SVC / SM / error repairing manual / fault solutions / assembly instructions / schematics / schematic download links
  • Nokia 5250 RM684 level 1 2 3 4 cellular phone / cellphone servicing manuals / repair solution / troubleshooting guide / reassembly / disassembly video instruction downloads / circuit diagram


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Download Links[edit]

All in one package[edit]

Nokia 5250 newest Service Manuals (3.50 MB):
Service manual Level 1&2 v3, Product data sheet and spare part bulletin

Service manual[edit]

Level Service manual version Service manual date Download link Size Comment
1 & 2 2.0 23.08.2010 mirror:
2.77 MB
1 & 2 3.0 22.02.2011 mirror:
3.50 MB Product data sheet, spare part bulletin also.
3 & 4 Be the first who post a level 3&4 service manual link here. 2.77 MB


Schematics version Schematics date Download link Size Comment
Be the first who post a schematics link here.

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