Nokia BB5 language change using nokia software updater

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How to change language using "Nokia Software Updater" on Nokia BB5 phones.

Also known as[edit]

  • Nokia BB5 language change
  • Nokia product code change
  • Nokia firmware / software upgrade
  • Nokia unbranding with Nokia Software Updater
  • Nokia debranding with Nokia Software Updater


Compatible mobile phones:

  • Most of the Nokia BB5 mobile phones supported.


This procedure will

  • erase all user data on phone,
  • update phone software to the newest.

  • This method will work with only Nokia BB5 phones which are supported by "Nokia Software Updater" and which product code can be changed.
  • The phone must be working (it must be completely turned on).
  • You must know phone code (if the phone asks it to turn on).
  • After the software upgrade the memory card password will be asked (if it is set).

What You need?[edit]


  • Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver (Nokia USB cable drivers)
  • Nokia Software Updater (for changing software version / language)
  • Nemesis Service Suite (for changing product code)

  • USB cable: It depends on mobile phone connector: miniUSB, microUSB, POPport USB cable
  • a SIM card which is accepted by the mobile phone (You must turn on phone with SIM card in it)

Procedure for changing language[edit]

Connecting the mobile phone[edit]

1. Connect USB cable on computer.

2. Turn on mobile phone with accepted SIM card in it.

3. Connect mobile phone to USB cable.

4. When phone asks, choose "PC Suite" as connecting mode. After that computer will install drivers on computer.

Changing product code[edit]

5. Start "Nemesis Service Suite" software and click on magnifying glass for identifying mobile phone.

Nokia lang change sw upd 1.jpg

6. After the software reads information, click on "Phone Info" then click "Read" button. Then the values will be read.

Nokia lang change sw upd 2.jpg

7. Click on enable checkbox next to product code, enter the desired product code which contains the needed language package. (You may find the needed product code by google on it, reading the values from nokia software package installer, or in this CPKB wiki page: Nokia product code) Then click on "Write" button. If You see "Write new values... Done." then the product code successfully changed. You may check this by reading phone code value again by pressing "Read" button.

Nokia lang change sw upd 3.jpg

Changing language[edit]

8. Start "Nokia Software Updater" then click on "Start"

Nokia lang change sw upd 4.jpg

9. Then make sure that the mobile phone is not in offline mode, all the needed user data were backed up and the battery is full. Then click on "Next" button.

Nokia lang change sw upd 5.jpg

10. Nokia Software Updater will check if newer software is available for the phone. If Yes, click on the checkbox, then click "Next" button to start software update. If no newer mobile phone software available, the Updater may offer re-flash the current software version on phone. If it doesn't offer this, You can't change language using Nokia Software Updater.

Nokia lang change sw upd 6.jpg

11. Now "Nokia Software Updater" download the software for mobile phone, then upgrade the phone software.

Nokia lang change sw upd 7.jpg

12. After the software upgrade finished, phone will turn on, and You will see this screen:

Nokia lang change sw upd 8.jpg

13. Now the software upgrade / language change process finished. You may restore user data backup on phone.

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