Nokia BL-4C battery

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Nokia BL-4C battery

Nokia BL-4C battery specifications.

Also known as[edit]

  • Nokia BL 4C internal battery / cell specification / datasheet / info / information / detail
  • Nokia BL4C rechargeable batteries specifications / data sheet / informations / spec / details



  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Capacity: 860 mAh
  • 3.7 V
  • GND - BSI resistance: 75 kOhm
  • Dimensions: 53 mm x 34 mm x 4.5 mm
  • Weight: 24 g


To make a BL-5CA full compatible with BL-4C, disconnect BSI connector (put tape on it), and connect GND and BSI pin with a 47 kOhm resistor.

Compatible batteries: Those batteries are thicker than BL-4C, so those may not fit in phone!

Compatible mobile phones:

The phones with Nokia BL-5CA battery, may not charge BL-4C!

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