Nokia C5-00 memory full contact retailer error

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Nokia C5-00 memory full contact retailer repair solution

Also known as[edit]

  • Nokia C5-00 full memory hardware repair solution
  • Nokia C5 contact service hardware repair solution


This solution may works on those mobile phones:

What causes the problem?[edit]

  • Software problem or hardware problem could cause this error.



1. Flash the newest firmware on phone. Go to Nokia C5-00 RM-645 firmware data package download or Navifirm wiki page for the newest flash files.

2. Using toolbox make a factory reset, factory settings and format drive c:.

3. If phone still doesn't work, it will be hardware-error.


1. Disassembly phone. You will find disassembly instruction in Level1 Level2 service manual. Visit Nokia C5-00 service manual and schematic download wiki page to download it.

2. Remove shield from PCB.

3. Rehot RAPIDO IC.

Nokia c5-00 memory full.jpg

4. Reball RAPIDO if rehoting doesn't solve the problem.

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