Nokia dead phone USB flashing with Phoenix Service Software

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Dead Nokia mobile phone repair procedure using Phoenix Service Software.

Also known as[edit]

  • Nokia dead USB with Phoenix Service Software
  • Nokia repair flash using Phoenix Service Software
  • Nokia dead phone flashing howto Phoenix Service Software


  • Phone battery should be charged (check it in another phone)
  • It is recommended to close all applications (on computer)
  • You may lose any warranty by flashing the phone
  • Even though the pictures show the flashing of a Nokia N8-00, this procedure applies to all BB5 Nokia phones
  • Phoenix does not check the firmware version of the phone, and downgrading the firmware could lead to the phone not turning on; therefore use the newest firmware available
  • Always use the appropriate firmware for phone and check the product name on the sticker below the battery!

What is needed?[edit]

Dead Nokia phone flashing procedure[edit]

1. Remove phone from cable. Make sure it is turned off. If it is neccessary, remove and insert battery.

2. Extract downloaded firmware into the "Products" folder of Phoenix program files directory (like in "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX").

3. Run Phoenix Service Software as administrator. (Windows Vista, 7: right click -> run as administrator; XP: login with administrator privileges). Select "NO CONNECTION" as connection type.

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 01.jpg

4. Select "Open Product" option in "File" menu.

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 02.jpg

5. A window will appear, select the mobile phone. The product code of the mobile phone is on the sticker under the battery. (Usually RM-xxx)

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 03.jpg

6. Select "Firmware Update" option in "Flashing" menu.

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 04.jpg

7. Press "..." button on the top-right corner of the window to select the language pack / product code You want to flash on phone.

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 05.jpg

8. Now select the product code / language pack You want to flash on phone, and press OK button.

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 06.jpg

9. Tick Dead phone USB flashing.

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 07.jpg

10. Press "Update Software" to start the firmware update procedure.
If phone does not turn on after software update, try again the procedure, and press "Refurbish" instead of "Firmware Update"!

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 08.jpg

11. Follow the instructions: (if that method doesn't work, press OK, then press power on button on phone and right after connect the usb cable)

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 09.jpg

12. Phone firmware update process should start.

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 10.jpg

13. When the update process finished, a window will appear: "Firmware updating succeded."

Nokia Phoenix dead flashing 11.jpg

14. Remove phone from cable, and try to turn it on. It may happen that the phone doesn't turn on. Hardware error, firmware downgrade or bad certificate could cause that problem.

Possible error messages[edit]

Visit Nokia Phoenix Service Software - Possible error messages section for more.

Getting list of files to be flashed failed 
Visit Nokia Phoenix Service Software - Getting list of files to be flashed failed error wiki page for more information and solution.

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