Samsung Check Fus Downloader

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Check Fus Downloader
Samsung Check Fus Downloader 1.jpg
Developer: LuffarJoh
Newest version:
OS: Microsoft Windows
Size: ~83 kB

Samsung Check Fus Downloader is a software for checking and downloading the latest firmwares for Samsung Android and Bada mobile phones.

Also known as[edit]

  • Samsung Check Fus Downloader / Samsung Check Fuse Downloader
  • SamsungCheckFus / SamsungCheckFusDownloader / hidswver PDA CSC PHONE


Download links[edit]

Official support site


What is needed?[edit]

What is needed for running Samsung Check Fus Downloader?

  • Microsoft Windows operating system (WinXP or newer)
  • Internet connection for downloading firmware list and firmware files


  • Check the latest fimware version
  • View the available product codes
  • Download the latest firmware version
  • Activate / Deactivate Kies test mode
  • Decrypt firmwares

Version History[edit]

  • Samsung Check Fus Downloader v 2.1 (File version
    • Added ability to download TestMode firmwares
    • Let's you enable TestMode in Kies (Please report on XDA if it works)
    • Sorted model list

  • Samsung Check Fus Downloader v 2.0 (File version
    • Fixed high memory consumption when downloading files.
    • Should work in Win XP now
    • Bada support
    • Not limited to the preset list anymore (Advanced tab)
    • Decrypt a already downloaded firmware
    • CRC check a already downloaded firmware
    • Bug fixes and a lot of code clean up.
    • Icon
    • FusCipherUtil.dll no longer needed for running Check Fus Downloader

Possible error messages[edit]

Error while reading file. Try delete dbdata.db and restart the program. 
The program cannot connect to the internet. Check if You have internet connection and also disable firewall.

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