Samsung GT-E1085 GT-E1085L Guru 1085 service manual

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Samsung GT-E1085 Guru 1085 and Samsung GT-E1085L Guru 1085 mobile phones service manual download links.

Also known as[edit]

  • Samsung GTE1085 GTE1085L Guru 1085 mobile phone / mobilephone service manual / SVC / error repairing manual / fault solutions / assembly instructions / schematics / schematic download links
  • Samsung GT-E1085 GT-E1085L Guru1085 cellular phone / cellphone servicing manuals / repair solution / troubleshooting guide / reassembly / disassembly video instruction downloads


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Download links[edit]

All in one package[edit]

Samsung GT-E1085 GT-E1085L Guru 1085 complete Service Manual (11.25 MB):
cover, safety precautions, product specification, product function, array course control, exploded view and parts list, main electrical parts list, block diagrams, pcb diagrams, flow chart of troubleshooting, reference data, disassembly and assembly instructions

Service Manuals[edit]

Contents & Revision Date Download link Size Comment
service manual 07/2009 mirror:
2.3 - 2.7 MB

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