Samsung GT-E1175 GT-E1175T Guru 1175 1175T service manual

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Samsung GT-E1175 Guru 1175 and Samsung GT-E1175T Guru 1175T mobile phones service manual and schematics download links.

Also known as[edit]

  • Samsung GT-E1175 GTE1175T Guru 1175 Guru1175 mobile phone / mobilephone service manual / SVC / SM / error repairing manual / fault solutions / assembly instructions / schematics / schematic / Anycall download links
  • Samsung GTE1175 GT-E1175T Guru1175 Guru1175T cellular phone / cellphone servicing manuals / repair solution / troubleshooting guide / reassembly / disassembly video instruction downloads / Any Call / circuit diagram


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Download links[edit]

All in one package[edit]

Samsung GT-E1175 / GT-E1175T / Guru 1175 / Guru 1175T complete Service Manual (12.4 MB):
cover, safety precautions, specification, product function, exploded view and parts list, main electrical parts list, level 1 repair - software download, level 2 repair - assembly, disassembly, level 3 repair - block-, pcb diagrams, flow chart of troubleshooting, schematics, reference data), ORD part list

Service Manuals[edit]

Contents & Revision Date Download link Size Comment
cover, flow chart of troubleshooting, block diagrams, pcb diagrams 03/2010 2 MB
service manual 03/2010 8.76 MB E1175TDXJC4 firmware and flasher included.

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