Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S download mode

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Entering Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S mobile phone to Download Mode.

Also known as[edit]

  • Samsung GT-I9000 GalaxyS service mode
  • Samsung GTI9000 Galaxy S download state / flash mode



1. Turn phone off completely. / Remove then insert battery.

2. Press and hold Volume down (1) button and Home (2) button.

Samsung GT-I9000 download mode.jpg

3. While holding those two buttons, turn on phone phone by pressing Power (3) button.

4. When Samsung logo appears, release the buttons, and phone will start in Download Mode.
Downloading... Do not turn off target!!! will appear on screen.

Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S download mode screen.jpg

5. Ready. You can flash your phone.

(To exit Download Mode remove then insert battery.)

Note: Some Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S mobile phones can not boot into Download Mode. Those mobile phones has a bootloader / firmware that does not support 3-button Download Mode. On those mobile phones Samsung download mode usb jig should be used!

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