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Information about Samsung PIT (Partition Information Table) files.

Also known as[edit]

  • Samsung PIT info
  • SamsungPIT description


  • Changing PIT file (repartitioning ROM) will not affect mobile phone's speed.
  • In order to repartition ROM, choose a PIT file and select "Re-Partition" in Samsung Odin3 software.

Samsung PIT description[edit]

PIT = Partition Information Table


  • s1_odin_20100512.pit
  • s1_odin_20100513.pit
  • s1_odin_20100803.pit

Those PIT files should be used with Samsung Odin flasher. The dates in the firmware name refers to the date when the files was created. Those PIT files will repartition the mobile phone's ROM (Read-Only Memory). Changing (repartitioning the ROM area) will modify only the space trade between the /system and /dbdata.

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