Samsung download mode usb jig

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Samsung Download Mode USB JIG

Samsung Download Mode JIG is a simple tool to put Samsung Android phones to Download Mode. On some Samsung phones it is not possible to activate Download Mode by pressing volume + home + on button, so this tool could be used.

Also known as[edit]

  • Samsung download mode usb jig
  • Anycall downloadmode usb activator



How to activate Download Mode on Samsung phones?:

  1. Turn off mobile phone (or remove / insert battery)
  2. Insert Download Mode JIG to the microUSB connector of the phone
  3. Wait ~3 seconds and "Download Mode" will appear on screen
  4. Remove Download Mode JIG
  5. Now the phone could be connected to the computer


  • Put phone in Download mode without pressing any phisical buttons on phone.
  • Works with damaged phisical buttons also.


  • Samsung mobile phones with Android OS and microUSB connector(Not tested on all phones.)



Place a 301 kOhm resistor between GND and ID pins of the microUSB connector. It may work with 300 kOhm resistor also.

Schematics image:
Samsung download mode jig schematics.jpg

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