Setool2 upgrade to standalone version

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How to upgrade setool2 to standalone version - step by step tutorial

Also known as[edit]

  • Setool / setool2 / setool3 standalone activate / activation how-to
  • setoolbox / setoolbox2 / setoolbox3 standalone upgrade / upgrading howto


New features:

  • free standalone reset operation and Alternative security bypass for:
    • db2001,db2012,db2020,db3150,db3200,db3210,db3350 chipset based phones
    • s1 aid 0001,0002,0003.
    • a1/a2 cid 16,29,36,49,50,51,52,53,80
    • s1 omap s1 locosto s1 neptun
  • Setoolbox will work with setool2 software versions greater than 1.0

What is needed?[edit]

  • setool2 box
  • 20 setool credits on setool server account
  • installed drivers for setool2 box
  • new version of setool software (greater than v1.0) (it is optional, for testing the activation)

Upgrading procedure[edit]

  1. Connect setool box on computer
  2. In the directory of the downloaded setool software You will find setool2.ini
    Setool2 activation upgrade 1.jpg
  3. Open the file using a text editor
    Setool2 activation upgrade 2.jpg
  4. You will find this line: user=dummy . Replace the "dummy" with Your setool2 server username. On the next line You will find this: password=dummy . Replace the "dummy" with Your setool2 server password.
    Setool2 activation upgrade 3.jpg
  5. Now start "Activator.exe". In the window You will see: GOT USERNAME:<your setool2 username which You entered in setool2.ini>
    Setool2 activation upgrade 4.jpg
  6. Press "Activate" button. Software will read how many cedits You have on Your account, and if You have enough (20 credits) "ACTIVATION DONE" will appear. Now press "QUIT".
    Setool2 activation upgrade 5.jpg
  7. Now You can run standalone, activated setool2 v1.xx software.
    Setool2 activation upgrade 6.jpg

Possible error messages[edit]

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