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This procedure has been tested!

How to enter NCK code in Sharp phones?

Also known as[edit]

  • Entering NCK code in Sharp mobile phones / mobilephones
  • Enter NCK password in Sharp cell phone / cellphones


  • Phone requires accepted SIM card in phone

What is needed?[edit]

  • Working Sharp mobile phone
  • SIM card which is accepted

Procedure of entering NCK code[edit]

  1. Insert a SIM card which is accepted and switch the phone ON
  2. Type *01763*6371#
  3. Go to Menu,
  4. Then go to SETTINGS,
  5. Then to SECURITY,
  6. Then select MEP LOCKS,
  7. Now enter the handset code (default is 0000 or 9999)
  8. Select NETWORK
  9. Then select DEACTIVATE,
  10. Enter NCK code and press OK
  11. Now the phone is unlocked!

Possible errors[edit]

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