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What is CPKB?

CPKB: Cell Phone Knowledge Base is a free collaborative project that is edited and developed by community of interested users themselves. It is written in english language and no other languages is allowed on site.
CPKB is using the MediaWiki engine to manage the articles and support user collaboration. You can create Your own articles or even correct the other author's contents! How can we trust the information found in a Wiki (like the "Cell Phone Knowledge Base - CPKB"), where all the articles are editable by everybody, sometimes anonimously. But then how can You trust the information which are posted in open web forum? Both types of internet discussion are written by people You don't know. At "Cell Phone Knowledge Base - CPKB" wiki We hope that there is an army of users who are working with cell phones / mobile phones who moderate the content and keep it current. If You see an error on a page, You can correct it instantly. If You want to add content, You don't need to ask permission - just go ahead and create it. Even a couple of lines of notes on a topic is better than nothing, as other people will be more inclined to modify text where they feel they can add something, than to try to write an entire article from scratch.

What are the benefits of the site?

Many mobile phone technicians are having hard time finding the needed informations on internet forums and blogs. They spend huge amount of time searching for something and the results are low resolution pictures, broken links and useless information crumbs. We know You had that situation lots of times. Because CPKB is a wiki site, -which is better solution to share the information- You will find the needed contents fast!

Past, future and goals

CPKB - Cell Phone Knowledge Base project was started on 10 February 2010.
Our goal is to create a central place where You can easily find the needed information, and share Your knowledge about mobile phones.

What is MediaWiki?

MediaWiki is free web-based wiki software. Every user can create articles, can categorize them, and most importantly You and everybody on the site can modify or correct each other's articles. It is much different from internet forums: here, at CPKB You can only find the last edited, most accurate content! So, if the content posted by other users not accurate or the link doesn't working? - Just click on edit button to correct the article! CPKB - Cell Phone Knowledge Base is also uses MediaWiki software to support user collaboration, the same that is used by Wikipedia. Therefore if You know how to write articles in Wikipedia, You don't have to learn new article editing syntax or techniques.
Never edited a MediaWiki article? Take a tutorial at Quick help wiki page!


Feel free to share your opinion about the site, and ideas how we could improve!
You can contact administrator on this wiki talk page: WikiSysop talk
Or You can write message to Our email address, which is cpkb@cpkb.org
If You want to discuss an article, please use the "talk page"!
If You want to talk to other contributors, use the user's talk page!

We want You to: join the community! add new articles! share Your knowledge! - that will generate more traffic, more articles and spending less time searching for the information You need!
What CPKB Wiki become - is up to You.
We need Your help! Please go to How can i help wiki page for more information!