Nokia firmware update with Phoenix Service Software

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Nokia mobile phones flashing / firmware upgrade using Phoenix Service software.

Also known as[edit]

  • Nokia firmware ROM update with Phoenix Service Software
  • Nokia software repair guide using Phoenix Service Software
  • Nokia flash upgrade howto Phoenix Service Software


  • always backup user data from phone
  • phone battery should be charged
  • it is recommended to close all applications (on computer and on phone)
  • You may lose phone warranty by flashing the phone
  • Even the pictures show the flashing of a Nokia C7, this procedure applies all the BB5 Nokia phones

What is needed?[edit]

Firmware update procedure[edit]

1. Remove All USB Devices from your computer as they will conflict with Pheonix. This including Keyboards, Mice, USB Drives etc etc

2. Turn on phone and connect it in OVI / PC Suite mode to computer with USB data cable. Install all the necessary USB cable drivers.

3. Run Phoenix Service Software as administrator. (Windows Vista, 7: right click -> run as administrator; XP: login with administrator privileges)

Flashing with Phoenix 01.jpg

4. Select the USB port where the phone is connected.

Flashing with Phoenix 02.jpg

5. Select "Scan product" in "File" menu to read phone information.

Flashing with Phoenix 03.jpg

6. Mobile phone information should appear in the statusbar. That means the connection is working between mobile phone and computer.

Flashing with Phoenix 04.jpg

7. Select "Firmware Update" from "Flashing" menu.

Flashing with Phoenix 05.jpg

8. The suitable firmware package will be automatically selected. If not, that means that the installed firmware data package does not contain firmware for this product code. You may try to install the minor data packages, use Navifirm to download the suitable firmware, or choose other product code's firmware by clicking on "..." button.

Flashing with Phoenix 06.jpg

9. Click on "Update Software" button to start the flashing procedure. (You may click on Refurbish button, but in that case the user data and applications will be erased, and phone will be reseted to factory settings.) Do not remove the mobile phone from data cable. The operation will take 2-3 minutes, when finished, a window will appear: "Firmware updating succeded.".

Flashing with Phoenix 07.jpg
Flashing with Phoenix 08.jpg

10. Remove phone from cable, and turn it on. Check the firmware version of the phone by entering *#0000#

Possible error messages[edit]

Visit Nokia Phoenix Service Software - Possible error messages section for more.

Getting list of files to be flashed failed 
Visit Nokia Phoenix Service Software - Getting list of files to be flashed failed error wiki page for more information and solution.

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